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Official Newcastle United website
The offcial website of Newcastle United Football Club. Latest news, match reports, corporate info, ticketing and more.


Official Blackburn Rovers website
The offcial website of Blackburn Rovers FC. News, teams, matches hospitality and videos.


Official Southampton FC website
The offcial website of Southampton football club. News, match reports, tickets videos and more.


The Football Association website
Offcial website of the English Football Association. Home of the England team and all English footballing organisations.


Alan Shearer's Wikipedia page
Shearer's page over at the free online encyclopedia. Always up to date and a good source for information.


Facebook | Alan Shearer
Facebook Shearer fanpage. Although it still remains unproven, it claims to be genuine. Provides good exclusive photos and more.


Newcastle United fan community. Includes an active forum great for discussing the trials and tribulations of Nufc.


Newcastle United fan site. Very complete and up to date. A great source of information with views from dedicated fans.


Alan Shearer - Angel of the North
Very first Shearer fan page to appear on the Internet. Now apparently defunct, content can still be accessed via Internet Archive.


A comprehensive database of statistics for British football and beyond. Teams, competitions, results etc...


England Stats
A database of England football internationals since 1872. Matches, players, managers, opponents, venues and competitions.

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