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"All I'm interested in is playing football and enjoying it"
Alan Shearer

"With Alan, you get exactly what you see; you get power, pace, aggression ... straight forward things. When he's face on with that goal you know he's gonna finish off with a shot."
Laurie McMenemy

Alan was born on August 13th 1970, in Gosforth, a local council of Newcastle.
When you're a lad in Newcastle, a football is thrown at your feet as soon as you can walk, and for Alan Shearer it was no different. At the age of 6, all he and his mates ever thought of was playing football, they weren't really interested in anything else. They were always looking forward to Wednesday afternoons when they could have a kick in the playing fields.

Alan was and still is a mad Newcastle United fan, when his hero Kevin Keegan signed for the Toon, Alan queued outside the stadium from 9 AM to see his debut against QPR. He never missed a game when Keegan was involved, who would soon become his hero and model.

Very quickly Alan got involved with the Gosforth school team, where he always was the best player. Early on, Alan already displayed that winning attitude as the school captain and everyone who saw him play as a youngster would have tipped him to make it as a top pro. Problem was at Gosforth School they didn't have enough players so Alan had to play in midfield. He was one of those players who thought he could do everything and wanted to do everything, take corners, throw-ins, goal kicks etc ...

Recognising Alan's talent, very quickly a teacher recommended he should try and play for a Boys team. Wallsend had a good reputation at the time and that's the team Alan joined. He first asked if he could train with them, but he soon became the major asset of the side. And then later went on to play for Cramlington Juniors for a year. Every person who has worked with Alan has been amazed with his maturity, he would never ask for other people to do things for him, even at a young age, he would always say things himself.

Anyone involved with a boys team in the region, is bound to play a part and be in the sights of the Newcastle boys team, so Alan had one of his dreams come true when he got to wear that black and white kit.

At the age of 13, Jack Hixon appeared in Alan's life. A north East scout at the time, Jack had noticed Alan's potential and would follow him around everywhere watching him play for Wallsend at the time then later for Cramlington and Newcastle boys. He very quickly took Alan under his wing and got full confidence from Alan's parents. The first thing that struck him about young Shearer was his maturity. Jack did his best to find breakthroughs for his young ace, and would do anything to help out, soon becoming a very close friend of the family.

Even at career interviews Alan would say that he wanted to be a footballer. That's what he'd set his mind on, and he was ready to do anything to achieve it. And it's a good job he did, because he wasn't really interested in school work.

Alan had a trial for Newcastle and could have signed for them being a Schoolboy player there already. Sadly he played in goal and the rumour says that Newcastle having only seen him in goal turned Alan down. However Alan had other trials, including one at Southampton where he signed in the end at the age of 15, he simply had a good feeling about the place, and got on really well with the coaching staff down there and because some of his mates from the North East were at Southampton as well.

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